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CCTV Installation

Be it your home or business, you can’t leave it defenseless. And, nowadays, surveillance is that defense. With our CCTV installation services, you can secure your house, your office, or anything.

However, there are different types of CCTV cameras and each type has its own applications. We provide all 5 types of security cameras.

  • Thermal image cameras for tight security
  • Bullet cameras for long-distance viewing
  • PTZ camera for effective night vision and 36X optical zoom
  • Day-Night camera for recording in both monochrome and color
  • C-Mount camera with detachable lenses

So, experience a higher level of security in your daily life and live worry-free. We will help you choose the right CCTV camera. And, our technicians will take care of the hassles of installation as well.

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